Cape Symphony Tickets

The main event of this fall will be performance the Grieg Piano concerto with Cape Symphony in Hyannis, MA. Get your tickets now for the concert with the haunting title “Passport to Scandinavia”. Click here for link to program and tickets. 

Work in Trondheim 

Since I got back from my big US and India adventures, I have been pretty stable in Trondheim where I have owned a condo since 2006. I have now established myself within the major music institutions in the area. This includes a 50% employment at Heimdal Videregående Skole (music high …

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New US adventures

After two and a half years of not performing in the US, a wonderful invitation from Cape Symphony  to be their piano soloist for two performances of the Grieg Piano Concerto, set the wheels in motion to get another artist visa. These visas are increasingly hard to get, time consuming …

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