Arctic Memoirs

I know this is a piano website. But I can’t help but share my other musical activities as well. A good year back I was contacted by Skogen Sällström, an American violinist/fiddler living in Trondheim. He was in the middle of his masters degree in Norwegian music, both folk and classical – but mostly folk. He needed someone that could do both folk and classical, and both piano and accordion. The thought was to do a tour in the US. And we did. The project was called “Arctic Memoirs” and expanded to becoming a band. We have double bass, guitar and saxophone. The following Tuesday we are doing a concert in one of the coolest and most popular venues in town, Dokkhuset.

Maeterkonsert Skogen


And chances are high that we will re-visit Fairbanks, Alaska for their Arts Festival this summer. And much more to come. Yes, it is folk music, but certainly with a very modern and youthful twist. Performaces from last year in Seattle, Nanaimo BC and Alaska proved to be highly successful. Skogen´s teacher for this masters degree on the folk music side, is Sturla Eide, one of the leading folk music fiddlers in Norway. He has recorded several CDs, both as a traditionalist gathering and recording local folk tunes (slåtter) from his area in the middle of Norway. But also as a creative composer and arranger in projects in his own name and also the band called “Flukt.”




Watch this clip from Coombs, BC with Skogen and me. The most fun I can remember having.. playing on a turf roof with goats at the famous Coombs market town.


A clip from Fairbanks Arts Festival 2014. Skogen and myself at the opening concert.

Here are the players for this upcoming concert: Gaute, Henning, Håkon and Skogen. And me, but my face is all over this website… :-)

Gaute Henning Håkon Skogen

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