Work in Trondheim 

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Since I got back from my big US and India adventures, I have been pretty stable in Trondheim where I have owned a condo since 2006. I have now established myself within the major music institutions in the area. This includes a 50% employment at Heimdal Videregående Skole (music high school) as an accompanist and piano teacher. I also work for the two major opera companies, Opera Trøndelag and Trondheim Symphony Orchestra & Opera. In addition to this I get engagements from the University of Trondheim, Institute for Music (formerly known as the Music Conseratory of Trondheim) as an accompanist, collaborator and piano teacher. To make this happen I had to become a student again for a year, getting my degree in pedagogy. Having all of this is place it is now a perfect time for me to look ahead and find a way to combine this with my artistic career abroad. Based in Norway, I hope to do about 3 tours a year centered around my vacations from work. The invitation from Cape Symphony to be their soloist for the Grieg concerto in November, as well as engagements and plans in Seattle, Alaska and elsewhere, is a flying start to these plans. 

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